new club


We are so excited to be sharing this with you!!!!!!




This is going to include the creating of the biggest nightclub roof garden in the uk ( we think) and of course a total change to the entire club




ZONE 1- The very finest ultra lounge and bar with the most opulent surroundings catering for those who know how to unwind, with an ibioza inspired sound track this will be a hiot with all who enter.


Zone 2 – The las vegas inspired space will provide everything from a full scale nightclub, to a banqueting arena, to the host of major sporting events along with of course leading the way in the uk for club nights.


The speakeasy- Not an easy place to get into, but once your in your in, and this will truly be the most secretive, eclectic, style conscious area of the entire club


The penthouse- Expect this to change the way you go out…but shhhhhh we cant tell you everything


The Garden- Two bars, a kitchen, pagodas, xbox one and ps4 hire, trees, grass, fire, water, shish, JUST WAIT ;)


This is all we can tell you for now…….SHHHHHHHHH